A revolution is in sight. Now is our moment to transform the treatment of ocular diseases.

Regenerative therapies have unmatched potential to restore sight by replacing lost and dysfunctional tissue in the eye.

We are developing engineered cell-based therapeutics and in vivo reprogramming to reverse vision loss caused by deterioration of functional tissue.

Our Approach

The unique properties of the eye make it an ideal setting for engineered cell-based therapeutics and in vivo reprogamming. New techniques enable Tenpoint to replace lost or damaged cells, potentially restoring their function with a single, long-lasting treatment that reverses the course of disease.

Our Journey

Founded by experts from leading institutions in ocular disease including Moorfields Eye Hospital, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, Institut de la Vision and University of Washington, we have assembled a team with specific experience across a range of ocular diseases, and access to advancements across the spectrum of regenerative biology technologies.